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About Us & Our Family

I’m Emma. Born and bred in the UK, I am a real home bird at heart. I grew up in a little village in Surrey with my mum, dad & older brother. I had a pretty average but very happy childhood. My Dad is from South Wales so we were lucky enough to spend many happy, if a little rainy, holidays down there with my grandparents. Trevor was born in South Africa and moved over to the UK when he was 16 years old, his mother has family in Birmingham so along with his cousin they decided to come and see what life was like over here.

Trevor is not your typical South African and I mean no offence when I say that; he is just quiet, shy and fairly introverted. I on the other hand am loud, confident and an extrovert – they say opposites do attract! Trevor and I met whilst both working in the same hotel in Cheltenham. We loved to work hard and play hard, long shifts in the hotel followed by great nights out with friends, both of us tearing up the dancefloor!


Shortly after getting engaged, after 3 ½ years in Cheltenham, I pretty much insisted that we move back to Surrey so that I could be closer to my family. After both managing to get new jobs, me still in hotels but Trevor now in retail, we took up lodgings with my parents. Thankfully Trevor gets on well with them and I’m pretty sure they prefer him to me!


After many years of renting, a wedding, and another stint living with my parents, we finally took hold of the keys to our first owned home together - a large two bedroom 2nd floor flat in Hampshire. This is where our life together seemed to get hard but also where it expanded. Little did we know that the years to come would test us and push us to our absolute physical and emotional limits.

This blog is about sharing my story and being able to tell the world about our beautiful baby boy, but I also really hope that it can be a help to others too.


The statistics on stillbirth are utterly frightening; I am still staggered that 1 in every 250 pregnancies ends in a stillbirth in the UK. That's 8 babies every day! (https://www.tommys.org/our-organisation/charity-research/pregnancy-statistics/stillbirth).  That’s 8 families per day whose lives are turned upside down in a split second. Those families, our family and yours, need to feel less alone and to do that we as a society need to start talking about stillbirth more. Shaking off the taboo of baby loss and focusing our energy on research, to try and prevent stillbirth. We need educating on the facts. As scary as they may be they need to be known.


I hope by sharing everything with you and showing you that even though it is by far the hardest thing you’ll ever do, you will get through it. You won’t forget, but you will smile again.


Emma x

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