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 I chose to write a blog for a few reasons, the main one being when I was looking for voices like mine, where someone had already parented a child and then had to live through grief whilst taking care of another human being, I couldn't find many. So, if that's you too - you're not alone. I know how hard it is when you want to crumble, but need to stay strong, but how that in itself is heartbreaking. But also, I find it's good for me. Much like writing letters to Ellis, it's helped me. And so I hope that it can help others too. If you read something and you want to know more, please use the Get in Touch tab and I'll do my best to get back to you. 

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I know when you're just hoping to find anything to read or learn more it can be hard work. I've tried to include some useful links and resources that helped me to start with.  


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Wonderful friends and family joined us in our hope to help other families going through baby loss with fundraising, all in Ellis' name.
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