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Wading through the internet when you've lost your baby is not the easiest of things to do I know, but when you're in need of more information or to hear other people's voices that's what you do. I've listed below a few sites and places that I've visited and have supported me throughout the last year, and I hope it can do the same for you. 

In the same breath, if you think something is missing and it really helped you please do get in touch as I would love to add to this list as much as I can for all parents in need of more support.

You're also welcome to get in touch with me on the contact page if you ever want to talk. I know finding people who can become part of your support network and baby-loss tribe is vital in being able to lift your head above water. I'm here for you if you need it.

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Ask Me His Name
by Elle Wright

Elle Wright lost her son as 3 days old. This is her story. I read it just days after we lost Ellis and it was as though I'd written it, my feelings were echoed completely.

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A website full of useful resources.
We were given lots of mini guidebooks that would help us tell our daughter, and others, that our baby had died. 

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Zoe Clark-Coates'


Zoe Clark-Coates is a grief expert, and she herself has lost 5 beautiful children. She has a great presence on instagram linking through to lots of different resources.

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Rainbow Running Club

A community for women going through infertility and baby loss. With running and yoga events, I've even joined a retreat which I found invaluable.

Awaken Yoga


Claire at Awaken Yoga (@theyogamumlife-Insta) is a bereaved mum & ran the 1st yoga day retreat for the RRC, giving me the chance to meet others like me. 

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Izzy Judd's 


Mcfly's Harry Judd's wife, Izzy Judd, has a really lovely instagram space to follow. I like it because of her mindfulness approach and she has a book helpful for little ones.

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A website full of useful resources, but more importantly they fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Their support is far reaching and vital.

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Footprints On Our Hearts

A podcast I've only recently started listening too, but Alison whose little girl Skye was stillborn at 26 weeks shares stories about loss, love and legacy, with others featuring too.




Known as @withoutottilie on Instagram, Katie has recently launched a campaign to help raise funds for charity & awareness of
baby loss and how to talk about it.

“When it rains look for rainbows,
when it’s dark look for the stars...”

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